Focus on customer experience,
not your laundry problem.

Streamline your operations. Increase your cash flow. Ensure pristine linens in every room - give your customers the first-class experience they crave.

No high-pressure sales gimmicks. Just two business owners crunching numbers.

Why outsource your VR property laundry?

As a VR property owner your customers are willing to pay a premium because they are seeking value not discounts.

It is your job as the host to provide the best possible experience.

There is no room for cutting corners in this business.

Commercial laundries wash at higher temperatures, use more complex chemicals and have highly-trained staff who can tackle stains that your customers leave.

The result is increased hygiene, softer linens and better sleep for your guests.

Outsourcing your VR property laundry reduces fixed costs.

Commercial laundry equipment is extremely expensive and simply out of the realm of feasibility for a VR property. Even a small commercial laundry set up is hundreds of thousands of dollars to set up.

The good news is that you can enjoy the same benefits that large hotels rely on every day without having to fork over your life savings.

Chipman Laundry offers incredible value and fast turn-around times to micro-operators who are too small to work with industrial laundries.

Expand your business.

In the world of hospitality two of the most burdensome operational tasks are housekeeping and laundry.

By outsourcing your laundry to commercial laundries like us you no longer need to worry about the challenge of increased laundry when considering expansion or acquisition of new properties.

Incidentally when streamlining your business in this way you increase the attractiveness to investors should you ever choose to sell.

Linen is important to your guests

Hotelier Magazine highlights that research into the mindsight of hotel guests shows that 99% of customers responded that providing good quality towels and bed linen is important. 97% admitted that they do inspect the cleanliness and quality of the items. 

Research shows that an overwhelming 96% of respondents are less likely to return to the hotel if the bed linens and towels are not sufficiently cleaned or of low quality. 95% of those same respondents stated that they would tell others about their poor experience.

Save BIG on utilities.

Do you live in Ontario?

We probably don't have to say any more...

All jokes aside, whether you are doing your own laundry or having your cleaner take care of this duty you are missing out for two main reasons...

1) Laundry is what we do. All day, every day. Our staff are highly-trained and very efficient cutting down on processing time.

2 Using undersized residential equipment for commercial purposes means you are overspending big time on utilities.

The average VR property saves well over $1000 per year on utilities when outsourcing which makes the cost of outsourcing just that much more affordable.


Focus on what matters.

It is no secret that running a hospitality business is like a juggling act.

There are so many tasks to focus on that you can easily find yourself and your team overwhelmed.

The real risk here is that it can take away your attention from focusing on what matters the most - customer satisfaction.

By working with a trusted laundry service provider like Chipman Laundry you can spend more time focusing on the best customer experience. More 5-star reviews will allow you to command higher rates thereby making your business more profitable.

Improve room quality.

Let's face it. Laundry is dirty business... literally.

The task itself is monotonous. Tasking your cleaner with this job is not a wise decision. Cleaners specialize in cleaning, not laundry. Giving them the wrong equipment for the job only exacerbates the problem of being stuck on your property longer than they want to be.

The result? A rush job.

That's the last thing you want as a business whose focus is on value rather than price.

Outsourcing allows you to leverage a professional team that will guarantee the pristine linens that your customers expect from the moment they acquire their room key until the day they check out.

Accurate forecasting.

By outsourcing you are able to accurately forecast and budget ahead thanks to the pay-as-you-go nature of outsourcing.

Think about it this way, outsourcing allows you to pay for any of the costs associated with laundry when you make a sale.

Knowing this cost as a percentage of your gross revenue allows you to streamline business operations and become more flexible to change.

Our customers rely on our commercial laundry service for the smooth operation of their business.

Barb crowley - laclu landing resort

A pleasure dealing with such friendly, knowledgeable staff. Laundry is always ready when promised.
Great service! Highly recommend!

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

This is how we stack up to the rest.



Our competitors

Ultra fast same day or next delivery

Deal directly with owner

24/7 emergency service

Scale operations to facilitate your expansions

Wholesale deals for resale of laundry service to guests

Sophisticated digital order tracking preventing lost or missing linens

Customized folding requirements

45+ years as laundry service provider

Linen and uniform rentals

Linen and uniform distributor

Linens processed locally

How It Works

We offer two levels of service. Either we simply collect the laundry process and return or you can have our team strip the rooms and bathrooms while they are on site for a nominal fee.

Cost to strip the beds and bathrooms

The cost to have our team strip all linens and towels from your property is minimal. Since we are already there to collect the laundry we simply charge our labour in 15 minute blocks at $10 per block. It cuts down on cleaners fees.

  • 2 double bedrooms 1 bath - $10
  • 4 double bedrooms 2 bath - $20
  • 6 double bedrooms 3 bath - $30

Cost of laundry alone

The actual cost for each property can vary depending on the quality and weight of linens. Below are some general examples of a typical property.

Example Pricing

This is an example of an average VR property with 3 visits per week for linens and towels. Comforters and pillow are extra.

2 double bedrooms 1 bath - $90/week
4 double bedrooms 2 bath - $180/week
6 double bedrooms 3 bath - $270/week

It's our experience in hospitality.

For over 45 years Chipman Laundry has been the trusted laundry service provider for 5-star lodges and resorts in Northwestern Ontario specifically in Kenora and the surrounding area. We are proud to also add to the list a number of smaller outposts, motels and now even bed & breakfasts all of whom continue to entrust us with one of the most critical operational tasks. As they focus on scaling their businesses they know that Chipman Laundry is their trusted partner when outsourcing their hotel laundry.

Big or small, we can help streamline your operations and free up serious cash flow.