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For a limited time

get your comforters professionally cleaned for as little as $20 each!

Sure, you could try stuffing your comforters into your small household washer but let's be honest here shall we? We both know that cleaning comforters requires large-capacity professional washers for the ultimate clean.

What You Get

Spots are pre and post treated

Professional-action industrial wash

FREE Upgraded Premium Stain-Fighting Detergents ($3 value)

FREE Premium Scent-Free Detergents Available ($3 value)

FREE Upgraded Premium Fabric-Softener ($2 value)

All comforters dried on low - softer, safer & smells fresh!

BONUS Virus-Killing Process

Your comforter accumulates days, weeks and even months of harmful pathogens that spread viruses, bacteria and diseases. Now more than ever we understand just how important it is to have clean and sanitary bedding.

That's why every comforter that comes through our door receives a thorough disinfecting process that combines piping hot water, chemical disinfectants and carefully controlled dryer temps that leave your comforter free from even the most resilient microbes.

The best part of all? For a limited time only this virus-killing service is ABSOLUTELY FREE. ($15 value per comforter)


Here's Your Volume Discount Breakdown

It's simple. The more you bring, the more you save. We don't care how big they are.

1 Comforter - $26 ea (SAVE $25.95)
2 Comforters - $23 ea (SAVE $57.90)
3 Comforters+ - $20 ea (SAVE $95.85)

Want Us to Pick It Up?

A friendly Chipman Laundry driver will pick up and deliver back your laundry from and to your house, business, camp, heck we'll even meet you at the dock if you'd like! Pick-up AND delivery is 100% FREE in the Kenora and surrounding area on orders of $34+ otherwise for just $9.95 you can let us take care of the heavy lifting.

100% Secure. We Never Share Your Email.

Terms: This special offer only applies to comforters/duvets with synthetic filling. We will gladly accept down comforters but please be advised additional fees will apply which range anywhere from $15-30 per comforter depending on handling requirements. This special offer applies to all sizes of comforters right from full size up to king.


Our commercial water boilers deliver up to a blistering 175f water temp instantly eradicating dangerous pathogenic (disease-causing) microbes protecting the health and safety of not just your pup but your entire household. 

Handled with Care

We dedicate a laundry expert to each order who will treat your laundry as if it were her own.

Our Guarantee

We understand that trusting someone else with your beloved pet's favourite creature comfort can be challenging. Rest assured that in the very rare off chance that a mistake is made we promise to make things right - whether it means rewashing, store credit, cash refund or replacement.

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