The answer to Clean Comforters and Better Sleep In 5 Minutes or Less!

Can't fit your winter comforter in your washing machine?

  • It's time to switch to warmer bedding but you need to get rid of that musty closet smell with a good wash.
  • The problem is that your favourite warm and cozy comforter just won't fit in your washing machine at home.
  • You know from experience that overstuffing your washer results in a poor wash and super heavy sopping-wet comforter that will never come dry in your dryer.

Hi, I'm Mitch. I am the owner and operator of Chipman Laundry. We specialize in professional
residential and commercial laundry service.

STOP Overstuffing Your Washer When BIG MACHINES Are What You Need!

I remember back in my days as a university student living in the dorms. Around the beginning of October it would be time to fetch my warmer heavy comforter from storage. Of course, it never smells the way you want when you take it out so naturally I would want to give it a good cleaning. I mean, who wants to sleep in a musty bed, right?

Of course, I'd try to stuff it into the little top-loader washing machines we had in our apartment complex. 

What a mistake!

BOY DID I EVER REGRET THAT CHOICE! Not only did my comforter not come clean, the washing machine broke down. Apparently the comforter was too heavy when wet and cause the belt the break. So I was the jerk who caused a back-log of laundry for everyone in the building and the lucky recipient of a $250 repair bill.

That's when a friend of mine told me what I SHOULD have done in the first place...

Our Big Machines Clean Any Size Bedding You Can Throw At Us

Any reputable laundromat will have extra-large capacity washing machines that can easily handle ANY comforter you through at it.

Commercial washers can handle anything from heavy fleece/wool blankets all the way to king sized extra-stuffed down.

The large equipment not only cleans better but extracts 70-80% more water than residential washing machines which means that even the heaviest comforters can usually be completely dried in a single day and ready for a cozy sleep that same night!

Don't have the time? No Problem.

The best way to clean your comforter is NOT cleaning your comforter. :) 

Don't waste your time sitting around for hours babysitting the dryer. We take care of all that for you.

Clean Bedding = Better Sleep

We all know how critical it is to our health, productivity and overall quality of life to have a solid uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep every night!

Soft fabric and fresh scent  - sleeping well is more than just finding the right mattress. A professionally cleaned comforter can and will do wonders for your quality of sleep!

Also, it is critical now more than every that your bedding be properly sanitized to best keep you and your family safe from the spread of Covid-19.

Why Our Professional Laundry Service is Right For You

Save hours of time.

Prevent damage to your washer/dryer.

Confidence that your comforter has been cleaned by laundry experts in the proper machinery.

  • Large Capacity Equipment
    Laundromats have large and extremely expensive equipment designed to specifically handle the laundering of comforters, duvets and other specialty items with unique programmes for each type..
  • Save Time and Money. You value your time as much as your hard earned dollars. Letting someone else handle this otherwise very time consuming task frees up your schedule for other tasks you would rather be doing.
  • Quick. One of the best advantages to taking advantage of the laundromat for having your comforters cleaned is that they will usually be done and ready for use the same day!

We Make It Easy....

Maybe you don't have a vehicle or just don't have the time to make it down to our store to drop off your comforter. Good news! We can come right to your front door to pick up your comforter and return back to you in pristine shape.

Get a Free Comforter Bag

You can simply leave your comforter on your door step in a plastic bag and we will return it in a 100% FREE non-woven comforter bag that is perfect for transport and storage of your favourite comforters.

This October get 50% OFF Your Second Comforter

Comforter Cleaning Service

It's simple. You give us more than one comforter and you will enjoy massive savings! Simply pack up at least 2 comforters of any type or size and we will give you 50% Off your second comforter.

  1. 1
    Leave it to the professionals: our experts will carefully clean your comforter according the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.
  2. 2
    Don't worry about damaging your washer. Our machines are designed specifically to handle large comforters.
  3. 3
    Smells Good. Feels Good. Enjoy better sleep with a pristine comforter.

What People Are Saying About Our Service


“A pleasure dealing with such friendly, knowledgeable staff.”

"Laundry is already ready when promised. Great Service! Highly recommended."

Barb Crowley
- Local Resort Owner


“We've been using the wash and fold service for the past 7 years..."

“This place is outstanding! We have been using the wash and fold service for the last 7 years and they have been consistent, excellent, and cost effective! Highly recommend!!!"

Kelly Brown
- Retiree


“It's great to keep your time off to not doing chores."

“We have a seasonal camp outside Kenora. It has no laundry facilities.For years we used the laundromat at the docks by Safeway.... then when it closed.... moved over to this location on Chipman street. It was ok. Mitch and the crew have brought back great service . Hard to get excited about a laundromat.... but when you are on holidays.... it’s great to keep your off time to not doing chores."

Richard Bowden
- Store Manager


Please note that the prices below are starting points. The size of the blanket will affect price by a few dollars. All of our prices start begin at twin/full size comforters.


$ 27.95


Ideal for synthetic comforters

  • Synthetic Centers
  • Quilted Top
  • Same day turnaround
  • Premium Detergents ONLY
  • Kills viruses

$ 39.95


Ideal for comforters with real feather centers

  • Feather Centers
  • Quilted Top
  • Same day or next turnaround
  • Premium Detergents ONLY
  • Kills viruses

$ 21.95


Ideal for fleece and quilted blankets

  • Fleece Blankets
  • Quilted Top
  • Same day turnaround
  • Premium Detergents ONLY
  • Kills viruses

Now That's a Good Deal...

Quality cleaning makes all the difference. Just to sweeten the deal, when you bring us at least two comforters you will get the following bonuses:

50% Off your second comforter

One (1) FREE non-woven comforter bag

All we need is your name and email and we'll send you a free coupon that you can use until the end of the month!

full name

Terms & Conditions: Limit 1 coupon per household. Offer ends 31 October 2020. Prices are a starting point, some very heavy comforters may require additional dry time which we bill out at $4 per hour plus HST.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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