How Not Doing Laundry Saves You Thousands!

Discover How to Take Back 2.5 Weeks of your Life EVERY YEAR...And Increase Your Happiness and Quality of Life....

What is your most valuable commodity?

From the moment we are conceived the clock starts ticking... Every day one day closer to your last.

Time is your most precious commodity for which we trade freely for things like wages, friendship, love, child rearing and more.

Have you ever thought about the value of your time here on Earth?

What is a day of your life worth? How about an hour?

For many of us, we are fixated on the value of our hourly wage. That could be as little as $15 for some and as much as $300+ for the most fortunate.

But is that really what our time is worth?

100,000 HOURS

There are roughly 16 hours per day for which we are awake.

Of those 16 hours half or more are dedicated to work.

Don't forget the 1-2 hours we spend preparing and commuting to and from our place of employment.

The average Canadian will work 40 hours a week for 50 weeks a year.

That is 2000 hours of work every single year...

FACT: Those who work an average 40 hour work week will have an estimated total of 912 hours per year of free time or ~1/7 of their waking life.

What is taking up your time?

Preparing for Work
Cooking & Eating
Essential Shopping

By the time you retire at age 65 you will have traded 100,000 of your 233,600 conscious hours to your work over the average 40 years in the work force.

43% of your adult life!

I want you to ask yourself the following question...

Which one is more valuable?

A) Your hourly wage
B) Your limited free time

If you answered B you agree with 99% of human race.

I mean... it's kind of obvious right? You spend 62.5% of your weekdays working and a great deal of your time off resting to get ready for the next work week. Rinse and repeat.

What little time remains gets swallowed by chores like grocery shopping, cleaning the house, yard maintenance, and laundry.

This doesn't leave much time for family, friends, hobbies... the things you love!

My Revelation.....

It took me many years to learn the true value of time.

Despite my predisposition of doing everything myself to save a buck I have now come to the realization that hiring help truly increases my happiness and thereby improves the quality of my life.

This is why I started a pick up and delivery laundry service in Kenora.

Who wants to spend their weekend labouring over a mountain of laundry just to spend hours folding...

I for one would much rather spend it at the beach, in the trails, cooking a beautiful meal or working on my music.

There is really no dollar value that I can put on my free time but I know that if there were, it would be exponentially higher than my wage.

Imagine if one simple decision would allow you to take back 2.5 weeks of your life EVERY YEAR from this day on essentially doubling your holidays...

Our pick up and delivery laundry service does just that. 

  • Spend more time with the kids
  • Catch up with your old friends
  • Work on your hobbies
  • Work on your business
  • Free up time for a date night
  •  Increase your happiness
  • Reduce stress
  • Catch up on much-needed sleep

These are just a few of the advantages based on customer feedback over the years. I am sure you can think of many other uses for your newfound free time!

So how does it work?

If I had to choose two descriptors of our laundry service it would be this: Simple. Fast.

Schedule your
pick up

We collect, sort,
clean and fold.

Receive your clean clothes within 1 day or less.


Don't worry about weighing your laundry. Just place the order and we will weigh your laundry once dry of all moisture to make sure that you never overpay.

What others are saying about us...


Kelly B

This place is outstanding! We have been using the wash and fold service for the last 7 years and they have been consistent, excellent, and cost effective! Highly recommend!!!


Max V

I was in town for work for a few days and dropped my laundry off for the wash and fold service since I work nights. Owner was very friendly and service was prompt. Everything was neatly cleaned and folded for me to pickup. Prices are great for the service. Will definitely return if I'm back in town in the future.


Allen C

Used their drop off service. Very satisfied. Did a good job, neatly folded and in good time.
Thank you.


Konstantin U

Mitch is an awesome person! Very friendly professional and the service is at a 10 star level! Keep it up!


Jim D

Friendly service. Great rates.



Our pick up and delivery laundry service is designed to fit all budgets right from single bachelor all the way to large commercial accounts.



1 Bag (1-10lbs)

Up to one extra-large load

  • Returned in 1 day or less
  • FREE pick up and delivery
  • Your choice of scented or unscented detergent




2 Bags (11-20lbs)

Up to two extra-large loads

  • Returned in 1 day or less
  • FREE pick up and delivery
  • Your choice of scented or unscented detergent
  • FREE heavy duty laundry bag ($20 value)

Fast. Simple. Affordable.




Over 20lbs

Lots of laundry? No problem.

  • Returned in 1 day or less
  • FREE pick up and delivery
  • Your choice of scented or unscented detergent
  • FREE heavy duty laundry bag ($20 value)