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Drop Off Laundry Order

Drop off laundry orders are laundry orders in which the customer brings their laundry to our facility and picks it up.

There is a minimum charge of 10lbs at our current per pound rate which at the time of writing this is currently $2.75/lbs.

The minimum is therefore $27.50+HST.

Note: This price includes only general mixed residential laundry. It does not include specialty items such as comforters, jackets, pillows, stuffies, rugs etc.

Specialty items are charged separately from weight.

If a customer drops off an order of only specialty items they must still pay at least the minimum charge of 10lbs.

Example: 1 pillow is $12.00 + HST. If a customer only asked us to clean one pillow they would still have to pay $27.50+HST.

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