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Floor Mats

Industrial floor mats are a simple item to clean that can be safely processed in our washers and dryers.

How to Wash

It is important to load as many floor mats as possible into the washer.

The floor mats are pliable and can be bent into whatever shape necessary to fit them into the drum of the washer.

You should only ever use the 65lbs or 135lbs washers in our facility to clean these items as they require a larger volume drum.

We measure volume by square feet.

For example a 3 x 10 floor mat would be a total of 30 square feet.

3 feet X 10 feet = 30ft2

Here are the recommended volumes for each washer size:

Washer SizeSquare FeetApproximated Dry Weight
65 LBS80-120ft225-40lbs
135 LBS160-240ft255-80lbs

Depending on the dimensions of the mats you may be able to fit more or total volume of mats.

It is important to load as much as possible to reduce vibration in the machines as this will help prolong the life of the bearings in the washer.

  • Warm Wash
  • 59ml of One Shot Alakali powder detergent in pre wash
  • 59ml of One Shot Alkali powder detergent in main wash

How to Dry

Floor mats can be dried on high heat.

Generally it will take 25-35 minutes for the floor mats to dry on high heat.

You should check to see if any mats are dry by 25 minutes and pull them out of the dryer if so.

DO NOT over dry floor mats as this will decrease the lifespan of the mat.

Your go to dryer will be the 82lbs dryers however the floor mats can also be dried in the 50lbs dryers if need be.

The following table shows the volume of mats that can be placed in each dryer.

Dryer SizeSquare FeetApproximated Dry Weight

Finishing and Storing

Floor mats are to be rolled up with the rubber side out, carpet side in.

We do this for three reasons.

  1. We keep protect the carpet from getting dirty
  2. We can easily identify the floor mat dimensions from the label on the rubber side
  3. When the driver delivers the mats he can light kick the mat and it will roll out into place

Floor mats must be stored on their appropriate shelf by size.

I.E. all 4 x 6 mats together on the same shelf etc.

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