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Laundromat Cleaning Checklist

Cleanliness is exceedingly important to our self-serve customers. After all, our customers are coming to our facility to make their dirty clothing clean again.

How awful would it be to walk into a facility that is supposed to clean your clothes only to see debris and muddy floors, soap scum all over the machines and greasy messes on the folding tables?

The following are the regular facility chores that must be completed often and as much as needed throughout the day without exception.

  • Sweep entire floor including under all tables and in areas difficult to reach
  • Spray all folding tables with all purpose cleaner
  • Remove debris from laundry carts and spray with all purpose cleaner
  • Clean all tops of washers with descaler
  • Clean out any unflushed detergents from soap boxes on washers with a spoon
  • Clean all soap boxes on washers with descaler
  • Check all washers and dryers for clothing left behind
  • Remove lint from all lint trays in dryers
  • Remove any debris from inside washers and dryers
  • Clean inside doors of washers and dryers
  • Glass cleaner on all washers and dryers exterior only
  • Glass cleaner on front door, side window and storefront windows
  • Spray all window sills and ledges
  • Wipe down doors
  • Inspect store for any damages (leaking hoses, damaged equipment etc) and report to manager
  • Inspect washers and dryers for coin jams and report to manager
  • Empty and replace garbage bags that are 75%+ full storing them in the first boiler room door near storefront
  • Vacuum entrance mats
  • Mop entire laundry room
  • Twice per week use stainless steel cleaner on all machine fronts
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