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Refunds for Coin Jams

Coin jams are a common trouble for customers in a coin-operated laundromat. They can occur from a number of reasons such as damaged or deformed coins, dirty coins or customers aggressively forcing coins through the coin drop mechanism.

The proper way to use the coin drop is to allow the coin to naturally drop into the slot rather than trying to shoot the coin in.

1. Inspect the Machine

Inspect the coin mechanism for a jammed coin. Try to retrieve the the coin from the coin mechanism. If successful ask the customer for their permission to attempt dropping their coin into the coin mechanism again demonstrating the proper way to drop the coins.

If the coin persists to become jammed or simply falls through the coin return slot there is a good chance that there are additional coins stuck inside the mechanism that need to be retrieve by using the coin return button.

Note: NEVER insert any objects into the coin mechanism to attempt to dislodge coins. If you see a customer doing this you must immediately stop them as even lightly prodding with keys or a paper clip will damage the mechanism.

2. Refund the Customer [If unsuccessful]

In the event that you are unable to dislodge the customer’s coins you may offer the customer assistance in moving their laundry to another available machine. You may insert the amount of coins lost to the original machine into the new machine.

DO NOT place money into the customers hands. The money must go directly into the machines. If a customer refuses to accept this method of resolution you must contact your manager for approval to refund money directly to the customer.

3. Mark the Machine Out Of Order

Once you have resolved the situation with the customer you will then need to place an Out of Order sign on the glass of the machine so that other customers aren’t experiencing issues.

Take note of the problem, when it occurred and what you did to remedy the situation. This note will be forwarded to your manager who will then take coordinate having the coins dislodged manually by the designated maintenance person.

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