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Washer Flooding from Door

Step 1

Turn off the washer either using the shut off switch located behind the top of the machine. You may require a step stool or ladder to get on top of the machine to reach behind.

Step 2

Check for an article of clothing that is stuck in the seal of the front door.

This is almost always the cause of flooding from the door.

There is also a chance that the article will break loose and the flooding has already stopped.

Step 3

Once the obstruction is removed and the door can safely be shut with a proper seal turn the power back on and insure that the machine is not flooding.

Step 4

Ensure the customer that everything is okay and that it happens. If the washer was very overloaded you will have to split the load into another washer of appropriate size and explain to the customer that it was simply too much laundry for the machine. Offer to start the machine on the house and reassure them that it is no trouble.

Step 5

Immediately mop up all water and put out the yellow slip and fall warning sign.

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