Heavy Duty Gear for
Tough Jobs.

No uniforms to buy, no laundry to do, no wasted time or money on repairs.

Just two business owners talking man to man.

Rental Uniforms


Durable work shirts for all job types from customer service to the dirties jobs.


Comfortable and tear resistant protection in many styles makes our work pants the perfect fit for your business.


Keep your crew warm on the coldest winter conditions with our comfortable jacket options.


Workers safety comes first on the job site. We offer high visibility and enhanced visibility to meet all requirements of the job.


The lightest, most comfortable and safest FRC products keep your staff safe from workplace hazards.


Dependable and affordable kitchen apparel that is sanitary and professional.

It's more than safety. It's presentation.

Your staff are the frontline of your business. That is why you take careful consideration in making sure their presentation is clean and professional to instantly build trust with your customers.

Whether they are dealing one-on-one with clients, knee deep in a greasy workshop environment or preparing meals in a kitchen we can help you ensure that your company's presentation is always on point.

How It Works

Our outfitters will work with you directly to find the appropriate uniforms for your company and their unique needs.

Once we have settled on garment type(s) and quantities we will proceed to purchase all custom-embroidered garments on your behalf saving you hundreds to tens of thousands in capital outlay depending on size of company and types of garments.

Once outfitted a Chipman Laundry delivery driver will swap out your dirty garments with pristine and neatly folded garments on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Example Pricing:



High-Visibility Insulated Overalls


Long Sleeve Coveralls


4-in-1 High-Visibility Parka


Heavy Duty Cargo Pants


Polo Shirt


Long-Sleeve Shirt


Chef Coat


Example pricing includes rental and weekly cleaning. Based on men's size large for 10 wearers.

Benefits of Rental Uniforms

Business Image

Whether you like it or not it is a societal norm that we judge people by their appearance.

Would you write a $50,000.00 cheque to a man dressed in dirty torn-up rags for a financial investment?

Why would anyone want to do the same for your services?

Selecting an appropriate and attractive work apparel for your team will immediately establish a professional business image which attracts customers and builds trust.

Employee Retention

As a business owner or manager you understand that your greatest asset is not your equipment but rather your team.

We all want to be on the winning team. Building a sense of pride and comradery among your staff is key to building loyalty that cuts down on turn-over and expensive training.

Your employees will feel a sense of pride and belonging when they rep your brand on their chest.

Protect Your Staff and Their Family

Now more than ever it is critical to avoid carrying contaminants from the workplace into your home.

Whether you deal with hazardous construction materials, dangerous chemicals or come in contact with dangerous microbes we are equipped to safely handle and disinfect your workwear thereby protecting you, your staff and their loved ones.

Job Perk

Did you know that employees of company's that don't have a uniform rental service in place use our public laundromat on a regular basis? 

They know that cleaning their workwear will either lead to clogged drains and destroyed laundry equipment in their home. 

Hiring out this service to a laundry provider like Chipman Laundry is viewed as a considerable job perk by your staff thereby increasing loyalty among your team.

Built-in Advertising

You dress up your company vehicles with catchy graphics and company slogans. It is one of the greatest returns on advertising.

Why aren't you using your employees to do the same thing?

Don't think for a moment that your employees are hidden from the eyes of their community - even in construction!

Isn't it cheaper to wash it ourselves?


When you account for the high cost of labour, equipment, precious real estate, repairs & maintenance of installing your own residential machines at your shop or office it is never cheaper to do it yourself

The reason we can offer such low prices is due to the economies of scale.

Think of it this way... A contractor takes on the capital expenditure of a $100,000.00 skid-steer with a 10 year lifespan.

The cost per year to own this equipment is $10,000.00

Your skid-steer is used 50 weeks a year, 40 hours a week and booked out 80% of the time for a total of 1,600 hours.

The total cost per hour to own your skid-steer is $6.25/hr

Makes sense... right?

Now imagine you could add a second shift and increase booking to 90% for a total of 3,600 hours per year.

The total cost per hour to own that same skid-steer is now only $2.78/hr. 55% lower!

In addition to uniform rental service Chipman Laundry also operates a residential & commercial laundry service as well as a full-service laundromat all under one roof.

This makes the cost of ownership of our facility and staff a fraction of what you would pay to do it yourself thereby allowing us to offer very affordable pricing while still turning a healthy profit.

It's a Win-Win situation!

45 Years of Experience

For over 45 years Chipman Laundry has been the trusted laundry service provider for local contractors, auto shops, pipeline, mechanical, welders, hotels, motels and 5-star lodges and resorts in Northwestern Ontario specifically in Kenora and the surrounding area. We are proud offer our first-class service to the many commercial customers who continue to trust us with their essential operational tasks.

Big or small, we can help ensure first-class presentation and safe workplaces for your crew.